Thursday, July 23, 2009

Opposing Sluggers Get Fat Against Reds

I don't have a single stat to back any of this up, but I'm willing to bet it's so true. The Reds always get burned by the opponents' best slugger. Always. It sure seems like always. It stands to reason the other team's top slugger is going to get his share of big hits over the course of a season. Albert Pujols is good, and smokes many a pitcher in the National League. But every single time the Cardinals need a miracle against the Reds, Albert parts the seas, moves the mountains, and hits the key home run. Just like Prince Fielder seems to be doing for Milwaukee these days. Just like Manny Ramirez did for the Dodgers Wednesday night. A pinch-hit grand slam on the first pitch from Nick Masset. The ball didn't even have a chance to get dirt on it. From the umpire's hands, to the catcher, to Masset, to the left field seats. On Manny Ramirez bobble head night. You knew he would do it. The other team's big gun always shoots the Reds right between the eyes.

The upside, this should put an end to any thoughts the Reds had of rolling the dice and trying to bring in a veteran bat to make a run at the playoffs. I officially waved the white flag on the Sunday before the All-Star break. It was apparent injuries, lack of hitting, and struggling pitching had taken it's toll and the Reds were back in Nowheresville. As I posted earlier, improving this team with a bat or two would be like putting chrome wheels on a rusty Ford Fairlane. What's the point? Even if the Reds were to slip into the playoffs, they weren't going further than round one. The goal is to build a team that can win the World Series. So do not sell off one single piece that can help the cause over the next three to four years. Just keep planning and plodding ahead for next year, the year that never seems to come. They do have a good mix of young players that can be a true foundation of future success. But they have to find some veteran help. Good luck Walt.

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