Saturday, February 27, 2010

Weekend Quick Hitters

U.C. played well at West Virginia, but was killed on the boards in the second half. I think Yancy Gates got jobbed on a couple of foul calls, and that helped the battle of the boards go the Mountaineers way. Still, if the Bearcats had shown that kind of life at South Florida, they wouldn't be in this mess. I really believe barring a huge run in the Big East tournament, the Cats need to win the last two to get in. (Villanova at home Tuesday, Georgetown on the road Saturday)

Please, let it be true the Ravens want to sign Terrell Owens. He certainly keeps himself in great shape, and could prove me wrong, but I don't think the Bengals need a 36 year old wide receiver.

They could use a third down back, and I wish they could get Brian Westbrook to fill that role. But I have a feeling Westbrook would want more playing time and more money than the Bengals will offer. But if he can stay away from concussions, and that is a big if, he would lighten the for Cedric Benson.

I haven't seen him throw, but based on all reports out of Arizona, the Cuban Missile just might launch in Cincinnati this season. Aroldis Chapman has been working out and maintaining great throwing shape, so it's not a shock that the hitters would tend to be a little behind him early in camp. But it sounds like his stuff has been overwhelming so far. That and 30 million dollars makes me think there's a good chance he comes with the big club to Cincinnati.

There's plenty of good reasons Xavier coach Chris Mack is firing up his fans to bring it strong to the Cintas Center Sunday. Richmond plays solid defense, and is riding an eight game winning streak. Xavier leads the conference in scoring and has won 30 straight A-10 games at home. With a potential conference title in the balance, this should be intense from start to finish. But with the way Jason Love and Jordan Crawford are playing, I don't see X losing this game, not at home.

Wow! The USA taking the four man bobsled, and the USA also winning medals in the Nordic events at the Winter Olympics. For all of that global warming talk spewed by Al Gore, the USA seems to be getting better and better at the cold-weather games!

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