Monday, June 7, 2010

No Time For Patience

The Reds bullpen needs addressed asap. If that means mixing and matching with what is already on hand, or going out to get a body or two in trades, it needs to be done. They have some in-house options. If it helps, then send current starters to the pen. Homer, Lecure, and some of the other young arms attached to starting pitchers in Louisville could help fill the void. I would have thrown Chapman into the group, but his 2 Inning, 6 hit, 6 walk, 7 earned runs outing on Monday night is disturbing. But the goal is to win at the major league level, and Matt Maloney and Travis Wood aren't doing that by starting games for the Bats. Hopefully the Reds get the old Jared Burton back soon. The Reds and Cardinals are on the verge of making this a two team race. The Reds don't want to blow this opportunity the way they've been blowing leads lately.

This college conference expansion talk has reached new levels of absurdity. Let's see if I get this straight: Texas might join the Pac-10. How far is a trip for the Longhorns basketball, volleyball, baseball, soccer, and other teams to Oregon, Oregon State, Washington, and Washington State? (Not to mention Cal and Stanford) I guess they could just have the non-revenue sports play in their own divisions and leave the long trips to the revenue teams, but that would make a mockery of the whole "conference" thing. So the teams from Texas along with other Big 12 defectors would have to make those trips. And this is coming from the same group of college presidents that tell us a football playoff would create too much of a burden on the "student-athlete"? It's just amazing how the lure of more and more money rips away the mask of hypocrisy shielding big-time college athletics.