Monday, October 18, 2010

The Whacky BCS Is Back

I'm convinced it usually works out in the end, but the first edition of the BCS standings show what kind of parity we have in college football.  I like TCU, but do the Frogs really deserve to be ranked ahead of Missouri?  Maybe, but by 6 spots?  Take a look at the two schedules and tell me who has played the tougher teams.  Another curious thing about the BCS is Wisconsin.  The Badgers just beat Ohio State on the field of play, but the Buckeyes are 10th in the standings while the Badgers are 13th.  Huh?  So why even play the games?  The coaches poll did the same thing.  Ohio State is 10th and Wisconsin 11th.  What?  Did the 31-18 win by Wisconsin mean that little?  It's maddening.  By the way, the coaches poll is routinely a joke, with coaches favoring teams from their own conferences when they vote.  That way, their own strength of schedule goes up.  No conflict of interest there, eh?  I really hope it comes down to TCU vs Boise State.  Then maybe we finally get our little 4 to 8 team playoff to really get the best teams on the field for the championship game.

Nice win for U.C. Friday night in Louisville.  I really believe if the Bearcats stay healthy, they have a shot at the Big East.  It will take a win on the road at West Virginia, but that's a better shot than I gave them three weeks ago.  The coaches and players really deserve a lot of credit for keeping it together and not going off the farm after a rough start.

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