Sunday, November 14, 2010

You Know It, I Know It, And We Can't Do A Thing About It

You want to fix the Bengals?  There's only one way. You know it, I know it, and we can't do a thing about it.  Sure, the Bengals will have a season here and there when they make a run at the playoffs, but their current structure allows no chance to win year in and year out.  The Bengals need a system.  Hire a guy (Bill Cowher, Tony Dungy, someone from a winner who's "been there-done that") as your Director of Football Operations.  That guy has a system and hires a head coach who believes in the system.  The head coach is allowed to hire assistant coaches who believe in the same vision.  Not just some assistants, but all of the assistants.  If some of the current assistants fit the bill, fine.  If not, move on.  The Director of Football Operations is also allowed to hire a Scouting Director who knows the kind of guys who fit the system.  The Scouting Director is allowed to hire scouts who know how to find the kind of guys who fit the system.  If some of the current scouts fit the bill, fine.  If not, move on.  But everyone from the top down knows the system, knows who fits the system, and is willing to discard those who don't fit the system.  From office personnel, to water boys, to star players, to heck, the cheerleaders and mascot, everyone fits the system.  Does anyone envision that happening any time soon at PBS?   No.  Instead, a new coach will come in behind Marvin, that coach will have assistants forced on him, and the dysfunction will continue on.  Meanwhile, we're stuck with an occasional run to the playoffs with a first round exit.  But more often than not, we'll be stuck with six game losing streaks.

By the way, I hate to see Andre Smith's season come to an end because the guy needs the work.  Now it's pretty much another wasted season.  A few weeks back I did a story on Andre and needed to find some video of him making some good blocks.  That was a chore.  I'm not an offensive line coach, but I didn't see a whole lot happening.  I saw some real issues with outside speed rushers.  So, I'm thinking his future is going to be inside when he comes back.  A 6th overall pick in the 2009 draft is a steep price to pay for a guard, but that might be the best option.  A steeper price comes if he is a flat-out bust because of the foot problems.  One thing is for sure, no way I pick up the option to extend his deal for two more seasons. 

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