Monday, January 3, 2011

Marvin and Mike Continue To Dance

I really thought something would happen by 1 p.m. Monday with the Bengals coaching situation.  But it hasn't.  Just when you think you have it all figured out, you realize you're not half as smart as you thought you were.  So there could be a lot of things in play here.
1. Mike Brown is really thinking about changes Marvin wants to implement
2. Marvin has been told here's what I have to offer, think it over
3. They both presented ideas and agreed to let the ideas simmer a while

You have to believe Mike does want Marvin back, or this would have been over quickly.  I thought with some of the things Marvin said over the past few days, he was in the mood to tell Mike what he wanted and if he didn't get what he wanted, game over.  But it is good that they are able to avoid a knee-jerk reaction and realize they have some time to see if this will work.  I still am not convinced Marvin will be back.  None of the players could shed any light on it.  I think if Marvin was close to coming back, they would have some sort of indication.  Same with Mike Zimmer.  The Bengals defensive coordinator recoiled from questions about Marvin's future.  Of course he could find himself in Marvin's office if Lewis decides to go elsewhere. 
So I have no feeling one way or the other.  The longer this goes gives me no clear indication if Marvin will be back, but at least it tells us that Brown is not kicking him to the curb.

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