Monday, February 7, 2011

So, Was It Super?

You bet it was, and for one reason: FOOTBALL!  It was too bad the Steelers shot themselves in the foot, but it was an entertaining and interesting game to the final minute.  I thought the television production was well done, and I thought the game MVP was awesome.  Aaron Rodgers is the reason I really enjoyed the game.  He has negotiated quite the crazy path to superstar status.  He wasn't highly recruited out of high school because of his size, he had to live a draft day nightmare, then had to endure an awkward transition as the Packers did everything but hook a tow truck to Brett Favre's Wrangler jeans so the young guy could get his chance.  Through it all, not one harsh word from Rodgers.  He saw Alex Smith go number one in the draft ahead of him.  Heck, even fellow collegiate quarterback Matt Jones was drafted ahead of Rodgers, and Jones was drafted as a wide receiver.  All captured on ESPN while Rodgers sat alone in the Green Room at draft headquarters.  The same fans dancing in the streets of Green Bay Sunday night were belittling Rodgers not that long ago because he could never be the legend.  Perhaps not, but he has brought as many titles to Titletown as the legendary Favre.  It doesn't mean he's as good as Brett, but it does mean  this guy has some big-time guts.  Aaron Rodgers has endured a lot over the years, and not a harsh word.  No drama, no off the field headlines, just FOOTBALL!  WINNING FOOTBALL!
Now for what I didn't like.  The National Anthem.  I'm not much of a pop culture guy so I don't know a lot about Christina Aguilera.  I just know she butchered the Anthem.  Please NFL, rotate the Anthem between the choruses of the Armed Forces.  Please?  But Christy, thanks babe for stopping the anthem when you did.  I was able to cash my ticket for under one minute, 54 seconds. (she made it by about .6 seconds)
It's also time to dump the halftime show.  Who needs all of that baloney in the middle of a football game?  I don't care if it's the Peas, The Who, that guy with Janet Jackson, I don't need it in the middle of the biggest game of the year.  It just ruins the whole feel of the game, and having a 40 minute halftime or whatever interrupts the flow of the game for the players too.  I would rather have frisbee dogs in the background while we get some good football talk than watch a bunch of people dressed like Star Trek rejects dancing all over the turf.  It was awful.

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