Sunday, May 22, 2011

Edinson Right, But Wrong To Say It

If anyone but Edinson Volquez had called out the Reds offense, there would be no issue. After surrendering 7 runs, 6 earned, and not making it out of the third inning, Volquez opted to focus on the Reds offense after the 12-4 loss to the Indians. Volquez told reporters that "Everybody has to step up, start to score some runs. In the last five games, how many runs have we scored? Like 13? That's not the way we were playing last year. We're better than that."
Volquez should take a long look in a mirror and think about the 10 starts he has made this season. He has yet to work more than 6 innings, and he has only made it that deep into a game three times. But there is more wrong with the Reds at this moment that one pitcher who gets the ball every five games.
The offense is getting little or nothing from the shortstop position recently. And less than that from the struggling Jonny Gomes. Dusty Baker has stuck with Gomes longer than a lot of managers would, and now it appears others with start soaking up the at-bats.
What makes it seem even worse is the fact the Reds are heading to Philadelphia for a four game series. The Phillies have struggled offensively as well, but they can afford it when they have the best starting pitching in the game. Cliff Lee and Roy Halladay are Cy Young Award winners, while Roy Oswalt and Cole Hamels have a history of getting the best of the Reds. Plus, the Phillies will get second baseman Chase Utley back, just in time for the series opening Monday night.
So while it seems bleak right now, the Reds just have to find a way to weather the storm. It's too early to get blown out, but they need to stop the bleeding. In 2010 they were able to do that, but they also suffered through two five-game losing streak last year. You know the bats will wake up, but can that wake up against the dominant starting pitching of the Phillies? That's a good question, but not one Volquez should be asking.

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