Wednesday, July 20, 2011

What Will The NFL Do?

The next few days are going to be wild for the NFL. Maybe the next few weeks are going to be wild. Let's say the new CBA is ratified by the end of the week, then what comes next. Some players earlier in the week alluded to the possibility they would be asked to report to three-day mini-camps as soon as the deal was sealed. Training camps would traditionally open late next week. But what about all of the free agents out there? Would the NFL have teams open camp with free agents still available on the market, and how long would that market be allowed to last? In the Bengals case, would Jonathan Joseph not report to camp with the Bengals, but travel around the country to visit other teams interested in his services? That doesn't seem to fit the best interests of anyone involved. The NFL could delay camp for two to three weeks why the free agency gets settled, but that would involve losing a preseason game or two. The owners won't like that much since they keep the gate.
But I think waiting a couple of weeks to settle free agency and maybe hold a mini-camp in the interim is the best course of action.

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