Monday, August 15, 2011

Dog Days But Bradley Shines

The dog days are here and Cincinnati is left with the fading Reds and a Bengals team that started the preseason like they were a terrible team. They reminded me of the Cincinnati Bengals. They were that bad. I'm not sure what else can be said about a franchise that can't find it's own helmet with both hands, but I'll come up with something down the road. At least the tennis at Kings Island will give us a little diversion this week. My highlight for the weekend was Keegan Bradley winning the PGA Championship. A no-name, a rookie, he came out of nowhere. But oddly enough, I've been following Keegan Bradley for about a year now. Last year at the Chiquita Classic at River's Bend, I was grabbing guys off the practice green to interview. By complete chance Keegan Bradley was one of those guys. He was very approachable, friendly, and a good interview. Golf is in his blood. His father is a club pro and his aunt happens to be hall of fame golfer Pat Bradley. Also during our small talk he mentioned he had attended St. John's and was still a die-hard fan of the Red Storm. He wore his red shirt on Sunday to prove it. So after he was greased with some Big East conversation, he talked a little "mechanics of the golf game" with me. It was a treat so I kept an eye on him to make sure he finished in the Top 25 of the Nationwide Tour and made it to the PGA. He did. But you honestly aren't expecting much from the guy. Still, anytime I perused the leader board I would look for Keegan. Then back in May while on vacation I had a moment to turn on the television to see the end of the Byron Nelson Classic. Leading the pack was Keegan Bradley. I was actually pumped to see the guy win a tournament. I guess that made me a closet-fan of the kid. Now for him to win the PGA Championship is crazy. I can't imagine how he feels. But after watching his game this weekend, he might have a bunch of wins in that golf bag. He can bomb it off the tee, and his putting showed a deft downhill touch. (We won't talk about that chip on 15)

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