Wednesday, February 8, 2012

You Have A Cool Job!

At least that's what I hear from a lot of people I run into. I almost always reply, "yeah, I do." Sometimes, though, there is a lot of work and time involved and you can get bogged down in the day to day doldrums. Then along comes a weekend like last weekend. I was at the Super Bowl and ended up in a lot of situations that make this a very cool job. Running into former Bengal and current Denver sports talk host Alfred Williams was cool. Talking radio with Baltimore sports talk station owner and former Ravens coach Brian Billick was cool. Interviewing Garth Brooks was cool. Being around the buzz of a Super Bowl city was cool. Seeing the Super Bowl game from the corner of the top deck at Lucas Oil Stadium was cool. Getting on the field right after the game was cool. My pride and joy was running into this picture of Eli Manning leaving the field after the Giants big win. I wish I would have had a good camera with me, but it was still cool getting this shot:

Then there was this interview I didn't expect with New York native and Giants fans Flavor-Flav:

Our field crew also took the time to get a couple of shots on the field when the night was done.  Photographers Kevin Luginbill and John Tapogna shot all of the interviews, celebration, and got our live shot form the field on the air.  I was along for the ride.  Our photographers and engineers never get the credit they deserve for getting the video and getting us on the air.

A young Giants fan wanted to be a part of our live shot and throw confetti on me. So what the heck:

 And the picture below proves we did some work. Greg Rahe is in the foreground. He was running our satellite truck and keeping us on the air. He was hopping all week, along with our on-site coordinator David Rosch. I'm in the background driving producers fits by committing numerous typos in a script. John Tapogna is busy editing one of our stories, and on the right is Sheree Paolello hard at work getting a script written for the next newscast.I swear she is not shopping on the internet!

I'm serious, we were very busy all week long. John London, Brian Hamrick, Alison Montoya, photographers Ron Schmidt, John Massey, and Jason Sperry kept busy the entire time they were in Indianapolis. It was a blur. But in the end, yes, it was cool!

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