Thursday, April 5, 2012

Reds Opening Day A Blast

Not just the game, but the entire day was a blast. It was like something I've never seen. The Banks was actually opn for business and serving Reds fans with an incredible atmosphere for pregame and post game festivities. If you were there, you know what I mean. The street party on Joe Nuxhall Way was like The Taste of Cincinnati meets Opening Day. It was incredible and is something this city has been starving for since the stadium tax was passed in the mid 1990's. So finally a Reds game doesn't mean show up near game time and vacate the premises as soon as the final out is recorded. A game can be an event, night in or night out. And what a game for the Reds. Jay Bruce had an awesome at-bat that led to a sacrifice fly and the Reds first run of the season. Bruce later hit a blast 442 feet off the batter's eye in center field. Good stuff. Newcomer Ryan Ludwick drove home a run with a double, and Chris heisey almost matched Bruce with a home run to center. Hesiey rattled the fence by the Reds bullpen with an RBI pinch double in the 8th inning. And what about that pitching? Johnny Cueto served notice that 2011 is the real Johnny. he three 7 shutout innings. Aroldis Chapman had two strikeouts in one inning of work. Sean Marshall finished off the 9th in his fiorst appearance with the Reds. A tidy 4-0 win. It was a big day all the way around. A crows of 42,956 was the largest to witness a regular season game at Great American Ball Park. The changes at the stadium were a hit with me. The new scoreboard graphics, the new video board in the concourses, and best of all- the flames that shoot out of the smokestacks in center field after a Reds pitcher records a strikeout. The flames are very cool. The Castellini's should be proud. The city should be proud. The Banks, the Findlay Market Parade, and the Reds provided local fans an incredible experience. It's just the beginning, but there are signs the whole season could be a blast.

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