Monday, July 23, 2012

Life Without Parole For Penn State

Ok, so it's not the "Death Penalty" for Penn State, but it is darned near as harsh. This is going to cripple the program for years. Four years without a chance to play in the postseason. Players can immediately transfer without having to sit out. So why would any player stay who can find a ride with another program? They won't. I haven't figured out the full affect of the scholarship limitations but on the surface it appears crippling. Walk-ons could be playing key roles. All of a sudden the Golden Gophers of Minnesota may not be the worst team in the Big Ten. The knee-jerk reaction is to think the Nittany Lions program will never be the same. However, it is not knee-jerk to think the program will be crippled for at least a decade. And forget getting back to the days when Penn State was a feared program. They had to build a protective bubble around State College, Pennsylvania, to make that happen. Fortunately that protective bubble was ripped away. What we found inside was ugly. Thankfully that bubble appears to have received the death penalty.

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