Saturday, August 18, 2012

Dog Days? These Days Are Great!

So August brings about the dog days but in Cincinnati these are some big days.  The Reds continue to tear it up and the Western and Southern Open brought a blur of action from morning to night.  If you think about the things this city has going for it from a sports standpoint, it's mighty impressive.  This year has been incredible.  The usual events plus Barry Larkin going into the Hall of Fame last month and several ties to the Summer Olympics in London.  A guy like me had plenty to do this year and that is a good thing.

And what about those Reds?  Look, I was first in line saying I wanted to see Aroldis Chapman become a starting pitcher.  But it appears he's become such a force in the closer role that it will be hard to take him out of that role.  Especially if the Reds keep getting this kind of production from the starting staff.  And give Dusty credit, he has brought in Chapman before the ninth inning when it has been warranted.  I wasn't sure that was going to happen.

Just when you thought the Big East was dead!  Hiring Mike Aresco from CBS Sports as the news commissioner could be a Godsend to the conference.  Having Aresco shepherd this conference through the upcoming television contract negotiations is huge.  You have to give U.C. President Gregory Williams a ton of credit for helping make it happen.  Aresco is a guy who used to sit on the other side of the table, who knows all of the tricks, knows what the deals are worth, and knows how to make them worth even more.  The Big East is facing the most critical media contract negotiations any conference has faced.  It will make or break the future of the Big East.  The Big East has to be feeling a lot better about that now than it did a week ago.

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