Thursday, April 29, 2010

On To St. Louis

The Reds will feel like a major league team against once they take the field against the Cardinals. There will be a major league sized crowd in the stands. Even though Houston announced crowds of 21-22 thousand for each of the three games, it looked more like George and Barbara Bush plus their security detail in the stands. The biggest crowd on the Reds recent home stand was 19-thousand. That won't be the case in St. Lou.

The Reds hope the starting pitching is the same in St. Louis. Three straight quality starts and a three-game sweep in Houston. Harang, (maybe Dusty knew what he was doing starting him against Houston. My apologies) Leake, (What is up with this kid? unbelievable!) and Arroyo. (good to see that after three yucky starts) This is what the Reds were expecting out of this staff. I was one more bad start away from thinking maybe Dick Pole wasn't so bad after all.

Maybe Thursday night will spark Drew Stubbs to go on a nice little run. He needs it. After replacing Chris Dickerson (wrist injury, Dickerson to d.l.) Stubbs went 2 for 2 plus a walk, stole two bases, scored two runs, and went from first to third on a single to left when Carlos Lee took it for granted that Stubbs would stop at second. Stubbs getting on track would be huge. In some ways it's hard to believe the Reds at back to .500 (11-11) with the lack of production at the plate form some of these guys.

I haven't figured out the Kentucky Derby yet, and probably never will. But when I decide who I'm going to bet, I'll post it here and let you laugh.

One of these days I'll delve into this Big Ten expansion thing, but for now I'll say this: I'm worried about the future of U.C. If the Big East gets nuked, it could get ugly. However, if the Big Ten really goes to 16 teams, this could force the SEC, Big 12, and ACC to go large as well. In that case, the Bearcats would find a soft landing.

By the way, where will the Big Ten find four more teams that play bland, ho-hum, offensive football? The Big Ten had two teams ranked in the top 30 in total offensive yards last season. Wisconsin at 25, and Penn State at 30. It was even worse in points per game.

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