Friday, April 23, 2010

So Far, So Good

I'm cautiously optimistic about the Bengals drafting tight end Jermaine Gresham. If they use him, and offensive coordinator Bob Bratkowski swears they will, it could make the Bengals offense whole again. But how long will it take the Bengals to sign him? Just once I'd like to see the Bengals be one of the first teams to sign a pick, instead of letting everyone else around them set the market. But you know it will happen, the Bengals will wait until everyone around them has signed their pick, and the Bengals will slot themselves based on the other deals. That's one of the "Bengal Ways" I wish would disappear.

As for the second round, a safety would be nice. I'm not sure if second round talent at that position will still be available, but the Bengals could use it. If not safety, maybe corner. I've seen reports where it's iffy the Bengals will be able to keep both Hall and Joseph at the corner positions. I really hope they can. I would love to see Mardy Gilyard come to the Bengals on Friday night as well. Of course I'm always up for drafting linemen so if we see one or two of those taken Friday night, I can live with it.

I wish the Reds could fix starting pitching problems as quickly as they fix their mustard problems. Yes, the Reds had a mustard problem and are in the process of taking care of it. Good for them. Now skip Harang on Monday and find a solution to his woes and I'll really be happy.

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