Wednesday, August 25, 2010

It's Like It Never Happened

First, can the Reds bring up Aroldis Chapman now? Isn't there enough evidence over the past three days that a lefthanded flamethrower just might come in handy BEFORE September 1?

If you look at the standings, it's like the San Fran series never happened. If you look at the Reds team e.r.a., well that's a whole different story. Somehow the Cardinals dropped two out of three in Pittsburgh while the Reds lost two out of three in 'frisco. About that game in San Fran, I can't believe a lot of things about that game It seemed apparent to me Homer Bailey was done, yet he goes back out there for the sixth inning. I know the bullpen was a wreck, but this was a big game. So Bailey gets in more trouble in the sixth and the Giants get within 5 runs. Starting the eighth with Ondrusek was another move I wasn't sure of at the time. I certainly would have had somebody ready for the first sign of trouble. A man gets on, and Ondrusek gets yanked. I'm not taking my chances in the eighth inning of a game the Reds really needed to win. Masset and Rhodes would have been ready to go for me, since you're off Thursday anyway. I had a sick, sick feeling this might be the one to do the Reds in. But thanks to Superman (Votto), the Reds win one of the craziest games I remember. Actually, it was ridiculous. I mean, at 6:45 Wednesday evening, Reds fans were ready to jump off the top of scoreboard at GABP. Then by 10 o'clock that night the Reds push their lead in the division back to 3 and a half games. I don't know about you, but this rollercoaster of a season has been a blast! Get ready for September.

Oh, those pitching woes. I'm not sure where to start. Just 4 nights ago it seemed the Reds had the pitching world by the tail. Bringing up Chapman won't cure everything by any means. But it will help. A bigger help would be solid starts from Johnny Cueto and Bronson Arroyo to start the Chicago series.

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