Monday, August 16, 2010

Yeah,, They Did It Again.

The Redlegs. They have what Cincinnati loves,,,,, a throwback club. They really are a club. And all of the boys belong. Miguel Cairo for crying out loud! And was that really Orlando Cabrera out there picking up Cairo's bat? And delivering baseballs to the umpire? This is a club that loves winning baseball. Better than that, this is a club that loves baseball. Any baseball. I get the feeling from this team that if they weren't getting paid, they would play for beer. Or bragging rights. Or fun. Or the chance to compete. We used to have that every year in Cincinnati. We took it for granted, and we should have taken it for granted. Who doesn't love playing baseball? Well, there have been times I could swear guys wearing a wishbone "C" looked as though they didn't love playing baseball. This three game sweep of the Marlins was an emphatic answer to the "here we go again" crowd. But,,,, here comes the problem. A nine game march through Arizona, Dodger Stadium, and the Giants. This is it folks. If they come back from this trip in good shape, order the playoff tickets.

Two touchdowns in three series by Kyle Orton and the Broncos is a little disconcerting. But what is more disconcerting is the fact the NFL charges full price for preseason tickets. These games are worthless and must be cut down to two games or less in the next CBA.

By the way, Jordan Shipley might be the Bengals best rookie receiver in a long time. I'm hardly the only thinking that way. Did you notice how early in the game he was seeing playing time?

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