Thursday, September 9, 2010

Panic In Cincy!

What, me worry?  I feel like Alfred E. Newman of Mad magazine because I've yet to hit the panic button on this team.  But I am concerned.  A little concerned.  I would be close to panic-mode if the Cardinals had proven over the past couple of months they could beat someone besides the Reds.  Bronson Arroyo Wednesday night, very disappointing.  Aaron Harang on Monday, ouch!  The Reds veteran pitchers had a chance to help the Reds get the train back on the tracks and they failed.  But thanks to the Cardinals, and the Brewers, the Reds still own a 6 game lead over the Cardinals.  

I'm not sure how smart it is for the Reds to try and sneak by with three healthy outfielders, all of them right-handed sticks.  HELLO!  YOUR TEAM HAS A CHANCE TO NAIL DOWN THE DIVISION TITLE!  I know there's trouble with guys on the 40-man rosters, but take a look at the 40-man take a look at the 40-man and see if there isn't a player or two you might sacrifice to make a move.

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