Sunday, September 12, 2010

We Waited 8 Months For This?

This truly is one of those games where the final score didn't indicate the can of whoopbutt that was sprayed on the Bengals Sunday.  When you find yourself down 31-3 in an NFL game, you clearly weren't ready to compete.  How does that happen after 8 months of "the playoff loss left us with a bad taste in our mouths", or "we can't wait to get started and build on what we accomplished last season"?  I really don't believe the Bengals are as bad as we saw in the first half at New England, but when the team showed a pulse in the third quarter and cut the lead to 14, what happened?  The Patriots went on a 14 play, 81 yard touchdown drive that took almost 8 minutes off the clock.  That effectively ended the game.  The defense could not stop New England when it mattered.  Bottom line, end of story.  So whether the offense woke up in the second half or not, whether the Bengals allowed the two non-conventional touchdowns or not, I'm hard pressed to make myself believe the Bengals could have done much to slow down the Patriots.  One game is not enough to convince this team is horrible, but defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer has a big week of work ahead of him.

Things to see for next week:
The uptempo offense from the start.  Isn't that the only time the offense looked good in the preseason, so why the heck did it take most of the first half to get it going in new England? 

Everybody on the field until the first half is over.  So T.O. needed to be looked at and Chad needed an I.V.  So what happens if the Bengals pick off a pass in the New England territory, of there's a fumble?  If I'm the Bengals, I don't make that move, or allow that move, in the future.

More pressure on the opposing quarterback.  If the Bengals don't make that happen, every qb they face will be completing 71 percent of their passes.  No sacks and a couple of hurries is not going to scare anyone on the schedule.

If I'm Dusty, and we're going to the 9th with a one run lead, I'm making sure someone is heated up and ready to go in case Coco doesn't have it.  No way do I send him out there without a backup plan in case runners reach base.  I would hope to make it Rhodes or Chapman.  Please?

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