Sunday, April 24, 2011

Reds Power Outage

With Scott Rolen out, it is simple. Jonny Gomes and Jay Bruce need to be at their best. Teams will be more and more careful with MVP Joey Votto, and if there is no one to make them pay for pitching around Votto, then runs are really going to be tough to come by. Gomes and Bruce were a collective 0 for 7 in Sunday night's shutout at St. Louis. I think those two are capable, but they are going to have to crank it up with three games coming in Milwaukee.

After talking with a few more people, I'm really hoping the Bengals can be disciplined in the draft this week. Do not reach. Sure, they need a quarterback, but I would rather address that in other ways than draft a guy well above his value when playmakers at other positions are available. The truth is, the Bengals have other needs besides quarterback. It could take a couple of years to get this train wreck back on track.

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