Sunday, April 17, 2011

Five Things About The Reds

After a little interruption, we're back in action. We'll start with five things for the Reds.
1. They'll be just fine. Last year at this time they were swept in Pittsburgh by the Pirates and had a 5-8 record. They had lost five in a row. You don't want to lose to Pittsburgh on their home field but the Reds continue to lead the division.

2. I'm more worried about Edinson Vlquez walking hitters than I am about his poor first innings. Volquez has walked 11 batters in his last 16 innings. That is a terrible trend, but one he can turn around. His pitches still move and seem lively so I'm not hitting the panic button yet.

3. I'm about to hit the panic button with Aroldis Chapman. Is he really best suited to a setup or closer role where he may have to throw four times in five or six days? It doesn't seem to be agreeing with him, but the Reds can give it one more shot in the coming weeks and if he has anymore warm issues it is time to start his transition back to a starting pitcher.

4. It is disturbing that the Reds left 13 runners on base Sunday, but that will happen from time to time. The truth is, scoring runs isn't not a problem so far. They lead the major leagues in runs scored with 92 through Sunday.

5. The Reds still play in a very winnable division. The Cardinals have come to life, but after two weeks of the regular season, there's little doubt who plays the best defense and who will once again have the best offense. That would be the Reds.

A quick plea the Cincinnati Bengals: DO NOT PANIC ON DRAFT DAY!
The Bengals should not reach for a quarterback in round one. The minute a team panics, mistakes are made. Chances are there could be someone in the second round, but there's nothing wrong with finding a stopgap and draft a qb next year. Forcing the issue is not the answer. You have to rind the right guy.

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