Thursday, March 15, 2012

Cronin Says U.C. Can Win It All

This afternoon UC coach Mick Cronin didn't flinch when asked if the Bearcats could win the whole shootin' match. He says his team has proven that when the Bearcats play the right way, they can beat anybody in the country. The trick is getting his team to play the right way. Cronin has gained supreme confidence in his ability and the ability of his team to do that. It didn't happen against the Louisville Cardinals in the Big East title game. But he believes his team learned a thing or two during the Big East Tournament. Now he has to hope that knowledge is put to good use in the opening match of the NCAA Tournament. Like many teams in the Big East, the Texas Longhorns have a gunslinger that will need some special attention. J'Covan Brown averages 20 points a game. The junior guard will be counted on by a team that starts three freshman. Three other freshman get playing time off the bench. After a recent injury to senior Alexis Wangemane the Longhorns have 6 freshman in their 8 man rotation. That is a lot of youth and it is something the Bearcats should be able to exploit. At least that is the plan. Brown will probably get his, but the Bearcats should be able to get theirs too. It says here the Bearcats will win the first round game. As for the whole shootin' match? I

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