Saturday, March 17, 2012

Late Starting Time Draws Foul Call

When the NCAA bracket was released last weekend, it appeared to be the perfect weekend trip for U.C. fans. Just head to Nashville Friday morning, catch the Bearcats game at noon, and if they win, stay in town for the second game Sunday afternoon. Then its just a drive home Sunday evening and you are back in plenty of time for work on Monday. Perfect. And too good to be true. The NCAA released a starting time of 9:40 p.m. Sunday night for U.C. Bearcat fans and Florida State fans were forced to take action. Beg for an extra day off of work, drive home after midnight Sunday, or just dump the tickets and head home to watch the game on television. At least one of my friends became part of the latter category because of a Monday meeting that could not be changed. Another fan we talked to called his boss and was able to get the day off. Even U.C. head coach Mick Cronin made a plea to Cincinnati bosses during his television interview. Mick is asking the bosses to be sympathetic and grant the fans a day off on Monday. It's a real shame the NCAA allows this to happen. I'm told by one TV industry insider that there was an issue keeping the U.C.-Florida State game from conflicting with the Xavier contest and the Florida Gators contest. Based on the times of those games, U.C. could have tipped anywhere from Noon to 4p.m. without a conflict. But no. So once again the paying customer takes it in the wallet. It's a real shame that more and more there is less and less regard for the people who make the trips and buy the tickets. Honestly, think about this. For years I have moaned about paying $32 to see a Reds game but getting little or no replays on the big high-definition board at Great American Ball Park. I get hosed by getting off my butt and paying for a ticket while some schlep who can't get off his couch can see all of the replays on Fox Sports Ohio. It's enough to make you feel like a fool. I really hope the crowd isn't down for Sunday's session here in Nashville. But sadly, I think it will be a low turnout. The best games of the season with the most on the line and the NCAA makes sure there will be few people there to see it. In my book, that is a foul. A flagrant foul.

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