Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Bengals In For Long Season

They won't be sneaking up on anyone this season.  Last year the Bengals got off to a good start in the first half of the season and were the surprise of the NFL.  There is plenty of time to right the ship but based on game one in Baltimore the ship has a lot of leaks.   The Ravens came out and attacked the Bengals with a serious passion.  To the Bengals credit, they withstood the initial onslaught and still had a chance at halftime.  But oh, that second half was brutal.  This team has problems.  The defense was shockingly poor.  That was a common theme and a major disappointment.  The Ravens found guys wide open, Ray Rice found enought running room to push the ball forward, and Joe Flacco looked like the real deal.  The Bengals appeared to be little more than spectators as the Ravens ran their new no-huddle offense.  The best thing for the Bengals is the schedule.  With Cleveland at home next Sunday the Bengals have a chance to work on that defense.  The Browns offense appeared as inept in its opener as the Bengals defense appeared Monday night.  It is too early to call it a must-win for Cincinnati, but it really is a must-win.  If the defense doesn't improve in a hurry this season will get ugly.

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