Thursday, September 27, 2012

Reds Go Out With A Bang

The final regular season game sent the fans home with a good feeling.  The Reds have been good at these kind of wins.  They are 11-8 in walkoff wins and 29-19 in one run games.  The 2-run rally in the bottom of the 9th ended a couple of droughts.  The Reds had gone 16 consecutive innings without a run, and Todd Frazier belted his first home run since August 21st.  Frazier credited a tip he received this morning from Reds manager Dusty Baker.  Dusty paid another visit to the clubhouse today and the players said he was looking good and very upbeat.  Maybe that is the best news today, and the second best may have been the comments of Mat Latos.  He had another strong outing, and he claimed he didn't come close to having his best stuff.  But he gave a lot of credit to Reds pitching coach Bryan Price and assistant coach Mack Jenkins.  Latos said they've taught him how to pitch, and not just throw. 

The goal for the Reds is to stay healthy for the next 6 games.  Interim manager Chris Speier allowed you want to make sure guys get their at-bats and are as sharp as possible heading into the playoffs.  But nothing trumps making sure the team is healthy.

Jay Bruce would like to know as soon as possible who the Reds will play in the first round of the playoffs.  Todd Frazier is just the opposite.  Todd says if he looks at too much video and clutters his brain, the worse he is at the plate.  Sort of like many of us on the golf tee.

Back to Dusty.  He yelled at me on the street Wednesday afternoon.  He said, "Hey man, I just saw you on television."  He sure did.  About 45 minutes earlier I had run an update on his condition during our noon news.  He looked and sounded great, and the pickup he was driving is best described by one of Dusty's favorite phrases: "Big Time!"

You knew the real refs would be back quicker than you can say "Touchback,  err  Touchdown!,, err we don't know for sure, but let's just stick with something and hope no one really notices."  The whole nation noticed and the NFL had to do something pronto!  Cincinnati gets Ed Hochuli.  He's had plenty of time to get pumped for this season.

U.C. can elevate the football profile "big-time" with a win against Virginia Tech this weekend.  I think the Bearcats can run on the Hokies, and I think the Bearcats think they can run on the Hokies.  I know Va Tech is favored, but I think its more of a tossup. If I were sure the U.C. defense will continue to hold up, then I would boldly predict a victory on Saturday.

By the way, I'm told former UC linebacker J.K. Schaffer had tryouts with the Bengals and the Patriots this past week.  Both teams like what they saw, but it's still a numbers game.,  I look for J.K. to be with someone soon.  

The Bengals could use some help on the defensive side of the ball.  They brought back safety Chris Crocker Thursday.  Safety and linebacker seem to be the positions where better production is a must.  I'm not sure they have the personnel on hand to make it happen, but if they do, this team could end up making another run to the playoffs.  Andy Dalton appears to be taking that second-year stride that is so important to young players.  The wide receivers are showing big play ability and tight end Jermaine Gresham continues to emerge as a reliable weapon for Dalton.  The young guards on the offensive line appear to be getting it done.  Benjarvus Green-Ellis looks to be an excellent pickup.  How is that for a dose of "Bengals Optimism"?  Seriously, this team could be 5-1 going into the home game against Pittsburgh.  But if the defense doesn't get shored up, the wheels could come flying off this thing in a hurry. 

It's Ryder Cup time.  I know it can be a little confusing with the different formats but this thing has become a big deal.  Catch some preview action on the Golf Channel for a little perspective.  I watched the "War by the Shore" special earlier this week.  It's about the 1991 Ryder Cup when this thing really took off and the players started playing for blood.  I'm not sure they are going to replay it, but it was good viewing and allows a greater appreciation of the event. 

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