Saturday, August 8, 2009

Bengals Airplane Banner

This is the banner an airplane pulled above the Bengals scrimmage Friday night in Georgetown. It circled around the stadium for the entire, and I mean entire, scrimmage. You couldn't help but hear the airplane's engine droning above the stadium, drawing more and more notice to the banner trumpeting the Bengals' poor team record since Mike Brown took sole control of the franchise. Then I remembered someone asked Mike about the General Manager issue at the pre-training camp luncheon back on July 21. Here is the answer in it's entirety. The question was presented to Mike that Pittsburgh has invested in a G.M., so why not the Bengals?

Mike is right, Pittsburgh does not have a General Manager. But the Steelers do have a "Director of Football Operations", and his last name is not Rooney. For the record his name is Kevin Colbert, and even Steelers fans routinely refer to him as the "G.M." I know Mike prefers the spartan ways of days-gone-by, when the late, great, Paul Brown was still around. But times have changed and pro football has become such a year-round evaluation of talent that Mike needs help. Maybe not even a lot of of help, but at least some. It's too bad he doesn't see it that way.

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