Sunday, August 23, 2009

Worst Decade For Reds In Decades

The Reds 2009 season is rapidly approaching the worst since 2003, with an outside chance of being in the ballpark of 2001. The Reds finished 69-93 in 2003, 66-96 in 2001. If they fail to make 70 wins, this would be the first decade since the 1950's that the Reds have failed to reach 70 wins in three different seasons. The first four seasons in the 50's, the Reds failed to reach the 70 win mark. In fact, they went six consecutive seasons without reaching 70, from 1948-1953. But back then, they played 8 fewer games in a season, the 154-game schedule. Since 1953, the Reds have had a total of six seasons below 70 wins. After Sunday's win, the Reds need to go 18-21 the rest of the season to reach 70. I don't see that happening, not with the injuries piling up. 1983 should be safe though. That is the year the Reds won a whopping 61 games while losing 101. The Reds would have to lose 30 of their final 39 games to match that low-water mark. Any way you slice in, 2009 has turned very dark, and the decade of 2000-2009 will be the worst decade in terms of wins since the advent of the 162 game season in the 60's. OUCH!

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