Monday, December 14, 2009

Greatest Cincinnati Sign Ever!

This one simple sign did something that I'm not sure anything has done before. It had U.C. and Xavier fans sympathizing for each other ON THE NIGHT OF THE CROSSTOWN SHOOTOUT!

The Crosstown Shootout deserved to be an instant classic. There was little or no hype, and I think the fact it was on a Sunday night during the NFL season played into that. Please play it in the middle of the week when it can be a showcase. At any rate, once the ball went up the players reminded us why we love this game: it was a "war on the floor"! The kids on both teams played their butts off. The skirmishes were unfortunate, but it reminded me of the days when this thing was nasty. Huggins and Gillen turned it into the city's own cold war with detente nowhere to be found. U.C. players pronouncing it "Eggs-zavier" in pregame news conferences while Xavier players claimed it was "just another game." Sunday night proved it will never be "just another game", and reminded us the city is very fortunate to have the Crosstown Shootout.

The U.C. coaching search should be concluded by the end of the week. A.D. Mike Thomas surely started calling back-channels the minute Brian Kelly failed to guarantee he would coach the Sugar Bowl.

You don't hire a guy for any other reason than he is the best man for the job. But U.C. could throw quite a curve ball at Kelly by hiring Jeff Quinn.

The Bengals better show up in San Diego. Their first playoff caliber test was a disaster in Minnesota. Another one of those against a playoff caliber Chargers team makes it seem foolish to think they could do any damage in the playoffs.

It seems opposing defenses have no respect for anything down the field for the Bengals. No wonder, they haven't completed a pass over 20 yards in two of the past three games. The only passes over 20 yards in that time span were the three against the Lions last week, all three to Ochocinco. The longest during the past three games is the 36 yard td from Carson to Ocho against Detroit. It's almost like teams play red zone defense anywhere on the field, and it's tough to throw into that kind of coverage. Carson Palmer claims he's fine physically. If so, it's time to show it.
Either receivers can't get open, Carson isn't right, the Bengals have zero speed that needs to be respected, or horror of horrors, all of the above!

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