Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Willy Taveras or Brian Kelly? Hmmmmmm.

On November 7, against Navy, an onside kick by Notre Dame bounced out of bounds, and essentially bounced Charlie Weis through the arms of "Touchdown Jesus", over the Golden Dome, and into the next phase of his professional career. Since that day more than a dozen names have been linked to the Notre Dame coaching position. Billick, Dungy, Fitzgerald, Ferentz, Gruden, Harbaugh, Johnson, Meyer, Patterson, and Peterson are ten of the names already mentioned for a position that didn't exist until Monday afternoon. No wonder U.C. head coach Brian Kelly calls this the "silly season." Oh yeah, Kelly. That's the guy this posting is all about. It seems to me that Notre Dame is coming down to BK and BS. NOT THAT BS, although there's plenty of that kind of BS to go around. I'm talking about Bob Stoops. I have some knowledge, but not enough to say it will be one of those two guys. I do have enough knowledge to say this, and I quote:
"U.C. needs to get a new deal finalized with Kelly ASAP. I know he just signed a contract in June, and it stinks that college coaching contracts mean nothing these days, but that's the current landscape of big-time collegiate football. Make BK the highest paid coach in the Big East Conference. Just as important, make his staff the highest paid bunch of hard working, successful, assistant coaches in the Big East and continue the commitment to facilities. Do it before Saturday and your problem is solved. Make this a preemptive strike before the other schools have an opportunity to make a run at the guy who has made your football team relevant. That's right, I said schools. Plural. Because if you think Notre Dame is the only school coming after your guy, you are wrong."
None of that stuff in quotations is secret. The U.C. administration knows it. So why is this so hard? Think of it this way: The money the Reds paid Willy Tavares in 2009 ($2,250,000) would cover the salary of the highest paid coach in the Big East in 2009. I repeat: A lead off hitter with an on base percentage of .275 in 2009 made more money than a football coach who found a way to sellout Nippert Stadium and make U.C. football a part of the national conversation. Not to pick on Willy (or the Reds obvious overpayment), but who do you think is more valuable to the local sporting landscape? This is much easier than recovering that onside kick that that spelled the end for Weis.

Here is the USA Today database on NCAA Football Bowl Subdivision Coaches Salaries. I'm glad they don't do this for sportscasters. You guys would howl at the pittance I make, and I'm probably still overpaid!

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