Friday, January 29, 2010

Grooves and Rebounding

Who would think a lob wedge would cause such a ruckus on the pga tour. Phil Mickelson has an old ping wedge in his bag with square grooves, a club grandfathered in thanks to an old lawsuit. Other square grooves are outlawed. Needless to say, lefty is taking a beating from other tour players for "cheating." If the club is legal, then it is legal. I don't know how the argument goes any further than that.

U.C. will get a taste of it's own rebounding medicine tomorrow when the Providence Friars come to town. They lead the Big East in rebounding, but when it comes to rebounding margin, it's the Bearcats ruling the Big East roost. Yancy needs to stay out of foul trouble and Toyloy needs to flex his muscle. Plus, the Bearcats need to do what they did to Notre Dame: keep a high flying offense from racking up 80 points or more.

Can the REds pull it off? It would give me a little hope for 2010 if they land Orlando Cabrera and bring back Jonny Gomes. Cabrera is 35, and only a stopgap answer at shortstop, but without him the Reds have to rely solely on Paul Janish. I like Paul's glove, but his bat was an issue. If he is hitting .211 again as the Reds everyday ss, that will be trouble. It would be nice to have a .280 hitter like Cabrera in the fold. As for Gomes, I love his attitude and hard-nosed style. He plays to win, and it rubs off on his teammates.

I hate to see the issue with Rey Maualuga and the DUI. The young man needs to use this as a complete wake-up call. Take stock, slow down, if that means no drinking for a long period of time, then do it. You are on the cusp of a long and prosperous career. It's hard to make a young guy understand that. Too many guys have allowed booze and other vices to wreck more than cars.

It's good to see Ochocinco having so much fun at the pro bowl. At least someone is getting something out of it. It's good to see the positive reports out of the senior bowl practices regarding Tony Pike and Mardy Gilyard. It's not good to see John Daly leaving professional golf. He could be a train wreck at times, and seems to battle a ton of demons, but when he's on, he was of the most enjoyable to watch. For a guy with shortcomings, he drive that ball a mile.

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