Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Well, That Was Fun

Man, did this football season end with a thud. On Sunday, December 6, the Bengals carved their magic number down to one, the Bearcats were celebrating a big comeback win over Pitt, a Big East title, and an invitation to the mighty Sugar Bowl. Plus Winton Woods and Highlands had just brought home state championships in high school football. The ensuing month was nothing short of a disaster. U.C. lost its head coach, had to play with a temporary coaching staff of guys going elsewhere, and got handled in the Sugar Bowl by powerful Florida. The Bearcats problems with Florida didn't begin and end with the coaching situation, but it played a part. Then the Bengals throw their train into reverse, back into a playoff spot, and then looked like a train wreck against the Jets in consecutive weeks. Could've, would've, should've, I've heard it all since the Bengals laid an egg the size of Andre Smith at PBS last Saturday. If Shayne Graham had hit the chip shots, if Carson had hit the open receivers, if Lavarenues had not fumbled. For every "if" the Bengals had, I can name some "ifs" for the Jets. If Braylon Edwards hadn't dropped a ball in the end zone, if Dustin Keller would have caught the early ball over the middle, if the Jets punter hadn't suffered an irregular heartbeat. That's right, a team with a player with a bad ticker beat the AFC North division champs on their home field. One month doesn't negate a great season in River City, but did it have to be the last and most important month of the season?

Will the NCAA ever do something about holding coaches to their contracts? This Lane Kiffin thing is a joke. But something tells me Tennessee will get the better end of this deal.

So Mark McGwire tears up, says he used steroids to get past injuries, and figures all is well and everyone just moves on. His denial that steroids helped him produce monster power numbers and tape measure home runs is ridiculous. I am so sick of hearing players say that steroids and hgh won't help you hit a baseball better, harder, and farther. How stupid do these people think we are? When several guys taking steroids, or hgh, or flaxseed oil start shattering all of the home run records, fellas, that's called evidence. Overwhelming evidence. I've always been a big McGwire fan and I think he's a good, decent man, but this is disappointing. You know it's bad when the only guy you can believe anymore is Jose Canseco!

By the way, does anyone else find it uneasy at best that McGwire will be a hitting instructor for the Cardinals while Pete Rose is still treated like a leper? Pete has never done much to help himself, but something doesn't feel right about this.

Xavier should win at home Wednesday night against Charlotte, U.C. better win at St. John's. I know it's tough to win conference games on the road, but if U.C. wants to become a serious contender for a tournament spot, they have to beat the Johnnies.

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