Wednesday, January 13, 2010

No Wonder They Lie To Kids

There's one sport that doesn't settle it's champion on the field. There's one sport that allows coaches to jump ship between the regular season and the "perceived" most important, cherished, games of the year while allowing a bunch of adult men to lie to youngsters with no scent of accountability and repercussions. That sport happens to be one I love. NCAA FBS is that sport. At least I love the on-field product. But then there is this: "Hey junior, come play in front of our 110-thousand fans every Saturday and be a state hero! No wait! Better yet, come to L.A. and play in front of movie stars and more blonds than the last episode of "I Want to Marry a Millionaire." (hopefully there was only one episode of that farce)
In fairness to Lane Kiffin, he had no clue the USC job would open up while he was whispering sweet nothings into the ears of 17-year old kids. But that's as much of a pass as I'll give him. There are others who hire P.R. firms before their regular season is over, all to help them land that gig in South Bend. Yes, I'm talking about you Brian Kelly. If you have your eye on another siren, it's only fair to tell those you are courting the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. But instead, you are only courting them in case "Plan-A" falls through. This is due to lousy contract enforcement and the way the NCAA has it structured. That is the only cover and camouflage these guys need. Just enough slime and grease to make the money train roll. That's the game. It's dirty, distasteful, and probably tough for some of these coaches to rationalize as they go to bed at night and lay their head on a pillow of half-truths and deceit. Some of them. The rest just see it as a means to an end. The trophy, the big budgets, the fame, and of course, the cash.
I'm telling you, the NCAA better get a handle on this. Lying to kids while making millions in the process is starting to make me re-think some things. Maybe the performance-enhancing drugs scandals aren't the biggest sports scumbag scandals of the past decade. But in the NCAA it's all legal. No wonder they lie to kids.

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