Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The D.C. Comedy Club

That's what the U.C. locker room turned into Wednesday afternoon before the Bearcats practiced at the Verizon Center in downtown Washington, D.C. During the season we don't get as much of a chance to learn the guys personalities and how they interact off the court because everything is really structured. But when you are in a locker room with some guys and they have some time to kill you can learn a little more of what they are all about. Fun and at ease with each other is what the media was treated to Wednesday afternoon. Teammates egged on Sean Kilpatrick to do imitations of everyone on the team, and everyone around the team. Most of the time was spent imitating adults, like the coaches, trainers, and even team doctors. Everyone laughed, including the targets of the jokes. Darnell Wilks stepped up and did a nice imitation of head coach Mick Cronin throwing his coat, then turning to the bench to grab a player (Biggie McClain) and send him into the game. Larry Davis pitched in with some of his own imitations, including one of Cashmere Wright that Cash captured on video. Davis also lifted the camera from our videographer John Tapogna then trudged around the locker room and trainer's room sticking the lens in everyone's face. They really stole the show and had a nice audience of onlookers. We were able to also get some insight into the game. Wright and Dion Dixon know they'll have to take care of the ball, and Gates is confident the Bearcats can withstand the "40 minutes of hell" Missouri likes to deliver with its frenetic pace on both sides of the ball. Yancy cited Louisville, St. John's, and Marquette as teams that try to make you play at a wild pace. But for the most part, it was a lot of laughter for a team that has known a lot of disappointment and derision over the years. These guys have been looking forward to the NCAA Tournament for a long time. Now they plan to make the most of it. Some might say the team was a little too loose, but I remember the same being said about a Bearcat team in the 1992 tournament. That's not to say this team is Final Four bound, but as long as you know there is a time for fun and a time to get down to business, everything will take care of itself. And if I go to the D.C. Comedy Club tonight, I will not see a better show than I saw this afternoon in the U.C. locker room.

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