Wednesday, March 16, 2011

D.C. Just A Sunday Drive Away

Or in our case, a Tuesday drive. We made it to Washington, D.C., in about 8 and a half hours, and we weren't even pushing it. It's not a bad drive at all. We stopped twice for gas, then had about a 15-20 minute stop to check on the driver of this car.
The young lady driving the car was okay. A bumped forehead and she complained of abdominal pain. She ran smack into the back of this tractor:

The young man driving the tractor was fine, just a little shaken up by the ordeal. It happened on Route 50 in southeastern Ohio just east of Athens. We rolled up on it less than a minute after it happened. We waited for the Ohio Highway Patrol and the paramedics to arrive. Once that was under control we were back on our way.
The route we drove was out of Cincinnati on Route 32. Then 32-50 through Parkersburg, West Virginia. Then Interstate 79 North to Interstate 68 East. We followed that to I-70 East, the I-270 South into D.C. There were no traffic hangups and no construction along the way. Just a clean, straight shot through the foothills of the Appalachians. We'll be looking for fans and looking for the U.C. coaches and players Wednesday afternoon at the Verizon Center. The Bearcats conduct their public practice at 4:25-5:05 p.m. If you are on the fence about coming, I highly recommend it. But check on hotel space. We had a little issue Tuesday night, and it does set you back some bucks. So check ahead, but don't let the drive keep you from coming. There's plenty to do and see in D.C., including a heavy dose of March Madness.

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