Saturday, November 26, 2011

Relax Buckeye Fans

Forget about a rare loss to Michigan. Your man is on the way. Even former Buckeye and Heisman trophy winner Eddie George believes Urban Meyer will be named Ohio State's next head football coach in the coming days. Do you think Eddie might have a connection or two with the folks who call the shots in Columbus? The real questions lie with Meyer, and maybe even he doesn't know the answers. Is he healthy and built for the long haul? Or is he coming back too soon? And because of health concerns, can he burn the recruiting and coaching candle at both ends like he did at previous coaching stops? My information says when Urban goes after something, he's all-in. There is no taking it easy. There is no delegation of duties to allow himself to slow down. He also won't allow the Buckeyes to slow down. After years of conservative play calling, get ready Columbus.

Should West Virginia beat South Florida Thursday night, U.C. fans would have to be torn. Sure, you don't want U.C. to lose the final game of the season to UConn. Sure, you never want Louisville to win the Big East title over the Bearcats. But if West Virignia, Louisville, and U.C. all finish with 5-2 records in the Big East, then it's very likely West Virginia gets the BCS bid. But if U.C. loses, and West Virginia is tied with only Louisville at 5-2, the it's the Cardinals winning the tiebreaker and getting the Big East bid. Does any U.C. fan really want West Virginia taking one last Big East bid before prancing off to the Big 12? I'm not suggesting U.C. would ever lay down for anyone, but I am suggesting if U.C. finds a way to lose to UConn (and that should not happen) then the loss will be a little easier for U.C. fans to stomach knowing the Mountaineers will not be leaving the Big East on a high note. Of course this is all assuming WVU gets out of the Big East next year. Stay tuned to Court TV for that show.

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