Sunday, November 20, 2011

Undermanned Bengals vs Undermanned Ravens

It's official, A.J. Green is out for the Bengals, and Ray Lewis is out for the Ravens. I'm not sure how good I feel about the Bengals chances without one of their main offensive weapons. It's up to Jerome Simpson and Andre Caldwell to prove they can handle the load. Last week they didn't, even with some big-time help from Andrew Hawkins. Meanwhile, it's a fine mess the BCS has on its hands. It appears the top three teams in the SEC West standings will be the top three teams in the BCS standings. LSU, Alabama, and Arkansas. Reading some comments about what college football is coming to in a few years, this is exactly what the big dogs want. Only a select few with a chance to play in the major bowl games. But this thing is far from over. LSU and Arkansas play next week. Alabama still has Auburn ahead. The BCS has a chance to be the biggest mess ever.

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