Saturday, November 19, 2011

Win By Oregon = Ducks > Tide

Really Alabama? It's late season and you have Georgia Southern on the schedule? I have maintained for years that if you want to be considered for a national championship, then you should not play 1-AA or FCS teams after September. You know how this BCS things work. If you drop a game early in the season, you have a chance to climb back into the national championship picture. But if you lose one late, you are sunk. So what does mighty 'Bama do? Schedule a freebie late in the season to help guard against a late season loss. That is garbage and 'Bama knows it. Florida does this stupid little trick too. I despise it, and if you think you are good enough to win it all, then you don't schedule cupcakes past September. Honestly, I think the FBS teams should only be allowed to schedule these teams in the first two weeks of the season. I think there is still room for these games, because the big payday of playing at Alabama will make the budget for Georgia Southern. Remember 2004 when an undefeated Auburn team was left out of the national championship game because of a cupcake filled non-conference schedule? Unfortunately for the Tigers, three teams made it through the regular season undefeated, so it was the Tigers getting left out. I realize Alabama played L.S.U. to a closer game than Oregon. But in my opinion, teams have yet to round into shape in September and the goal is to get better as the season goes along. I feel Oregon is a much better team now than the one that lost 40-27 to LSU back in September. LSU and Alabama may be better now too, but 'Bama should prove it. And you don't prove by playing Georgia Southern in November. So if Oregon beats USC tonight, I fully expect the Ducks to leapfrog 'Bama and land squarely into position 1-A for the national championship slot. But this is the BCS, and perennial powers seem to get a little more of a pass than the serfs of the college football world. We'll see if the BCS can get it right.

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