Friday, April 3, 2009

Hey Associated Press, It's Legal!!!

It's stunning some of the stuff that makes news these days. North Carolina guard Ty Lawson told reporters today at the Final Four that he won $250 playing craps last night at Detroit's Greektown Casino. I like craps at the casino so I'm happy for the kid and since he's 21 years old and of legal age, hey, great, it's a neat little note.
But according to the A.P. article, calls were made by the reporter to see if the other teams at the Final Four had players who visited the casinos or if they have team rules prohibiting them from gambling at casinos. The article quotes NCAA President Myles Brand saying that visiting the casino is a slippery slope, and the NCAA discourages that. Brand added that they don't try to regulate these things.
While Brand said all of this another one of his member institutions is slipping millions of dollars into the back pocket of another man being courted as a head coach. But that's another story for another day.
What the A.P. story failed to tell you is that Lawson actually thought about buying a lottery ticket, and then getting behind the wheel of an automobile and going for a ride, along with all of the other perfectly legal things he did with the rest of his free time. Something else the A.P. failed to mention that I was interested in: Lawson's system for winning craps.

Here's a link to the story via Sporting News:

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