Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Super Sports Saturday In Cincy

It figures I'm not off this Saturday. If I were off, I would have a full schedule anyway.

10 a.m.-Tee off,, just 9 holes,, but it's a nice day in April and i have a stinking putter that at some point needs to be heaved through the air like a helicopter. That should only take 9 holes.

1:10 p.m.-Reds and Braves at GABP. It's a Coca-Cola stadium now!!! Those little bottles in my socks will taste better.

4 p.m.-Head to a watering hole and watch the first round of NFL draft. Or at least watch through the 6th pick of first round. That should be enough to have me banging my head against the nearest wall.

7 p.m.-Walk into Nippert Stadium and watch the first half of the Bearcat Bowl. I can't wait to see the talent on this offense. Plus, no heavy-duty lines at the concession stands. (are they serving hops?)

8:10 p.m.-Make a beeline to the old beehive club, otherwise known as U.S. Bank arena. The Stingers are 30 years in the past now (how can that be?) but we have hockey on the river. The Cyclones are in the North Division finals against "my hearrrrrrrrt's on fie-ah...... for " Elmira.

We are lucky to have such great sports in a market that is no longer in the top 30 in population. We have Major League Baseball, the NFL, major NCAA sports, and a successful minor league hockey operation that offers $1 beer nights. People moan about the lack of championships and the lack of wins over the last 10-15 years, but every year we have something most cities our size don't have: HOPE! We're in the game, we have the Reds and the Bengals. Sometimes I get frustrated and want to cut the string, but I can't. I grew up with these teams. They happen to be in my fiber. They are in your fiber too. Grandma loves the Reds, Dad still wants the Bengals to kill the Steelers and Browns, and we all know people who went to U.C., Xavier, and Miami. So on a day like this coming Saturday I choose to celebrate what we have. Then later, on Saturday night, I might be ready to throw that putter again.

On another note...
The Bengals refusal to get rid of Chad Whateverhisnameisthesedays is ridiculous. I was on record last January as saying get rid of him and get rid of him now. Of course I was on record 5 years ago saying the same thing. Remember that little hissy fit meltdown at halftime of a playoff game THE BENGALS WERE WINNING? That was enough for me. But no, the Bengals sign him to a contract extension. Then they insinuate that he can't be traded because of the salary cap hit. Now who's fault is that Mike? Then I hear the arguments last year that "hey, if you trade Chad, you'll have a line of players wanting to walk out the door." Well, guess what? Let the babies walk. You don't win football games with babies. If Chad goes and then someone else wants out, get rid of them too! Then start drafting people who don't jump off the ship at the first sign of trouble. If you do draft someone like that, then cut ties at the first opportunity. The bottom line is this: Don't let one or two players hold your team hostage to prove a point. Mike Brown wants to prove that a deal is a deal, so therefore Chad must rot in Cincinnati. But the deal is not solely between Mike Brown and Chad Whateverhisnameisthesedays. Hey Mike, there is something called a team involved here. While Chad rots, 60 other players are forced to rot with him. Mike is killing a team and a franchise only to prove a point to one selfish player. Honestly, that player should have been out of here years ago. Way to go local NFL team, or Whateveritisyouclaimtobethesedays.

And yet another note...
I can't blame Chris Dickerson for a missed fly ball against the wall and under the basket in the swirling winds at Wrigley Field Tuesday night. Unfortunate, oh yes, very unfortunate. But that was the worst case scenario for a visiting outfielder in Wrigley. Too bad the guy who pulled the Bartman act down the left field line earlier in the game wasn't sitting right above the ball Dickerson lost.

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