Friday, April 24, 2009

It Will Be Beanie Wells...

At least that is what I'm convincing myself. Why be disappointed? Why be mad? Why pound my fist and bellow "what in the name of Reinard are they doing?" So I'm taking the approach that the Bengals will select a position that doesn't appear to be a crying need. This way there will be no disappointment. I repeat it over and over: "With the 6th pick in the 2009 NFL draft, The Cincinnati Bengals select running back Chris Wells from The (their The, not mine) Ohio State University." This is no slam on the Beanster. If he's healthy, this kid has the size to be an excellent NFL back. Actually, I wouldn't mind having Beanie at all, IF, AND ONLY IF, I already had a solid offensive line. The Bengals claim to have one of those, but they don't. Last year Stacy Andrews and Eric Ghiacius were starters, but now they're gone. The Bengals not only need to replace them, they need to upgrade the positions. The last 3 times the Bengals took offensive linemen in the first or second rounds the results were good. Levi Jones was a first round pick and on his way to a nice, if not stellar, career before injuries slowed him down. Eric Steinbach is a stud at guard and All-Pro material, but the Bengals let him walk away to Cleveland. Andrew Whitworth came in the 2nd round of the 2006 draft and is a reliable starter at several positions.
But before Jones was drafted in 2002, the Bengals grabbed just 4 offensive lineman in the previous 5 drafts. None, zero, Nada in the top two rounds. That's not negligence, that's just plain dumb! You win up front and the Bengals actually have a history of drafting good offensive linemen in the early rounds. At least one good offensive lineman, maybe two if they're really lucky, will be available when the Bengals pick in the first round. So it's the perfect storm. The Bengals will draft Beanie Wells.

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