Thursday, April 2, 2009

Reds Ready To Come North, But...

Are they ready for the 2009 season? The pitching appears to be what its cracked up to be but the fielding could be a different story. 7 errors this spring for Edwin Encarnacion is disturbing. Any team that might find it tough to score runs can't afford to give any away.
I can't believe the Reds think Gary Sheffield could be a fit. Would he be happy in a part time role with no DH?

If John Calipari is preaching patience, he's preaching to himself. You don't get a deal like coach Cal received then expect time to get it right. What could be very interesting is year two. The recruits following Calipari to Lexington might be part of the one and done crowd. Meeks and probably Patterson would be moving on after next season too.
For all of the rules and regulations the NCAA has, it's something else that a school can shell out major bucks for a new coach and a ready-made recruiting class. I don't know how you police that, but it's the biggest loophole the NCAA will never close.

I like the way the Broncos cleaned up a mess in a hurry, even though the Broncos may be as much or more to blame than Jay Cutler. Maybe they don't believe in the guy, who knows. But getting two first round picks and Kyle Orton from the Bears is pretty solid. Orton started coming around last season and his numbers down the stretch were similar to Cutler's. It's nice to see some teams have this stuff figured out.

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