Monday, September 14, 2009

24-Hour Rule

I firmly believe in the 24-hour rule. When something bad happens in your line of work, you have 24 hours, at most, to think (or whine) about it. Then you better move on. In television, like anything else, things go wrong. Sometimes it's self-induced, sometimes it's not. I've been so mad some nights I want to drive up to Clifton and chop down our tower. But by the time 24 hours passes, the whining, brooding, and stressing better pass too. The Bengals better use that rule after Sunday's events, and if the locker room on Monday was any indication, it appears they are following the rule. That doesn't mean they are going to beat the Packers. It doesn't mean they'll be a better team than the one we saw lose Sunday to an inferior bunch from Denver. It only means they are handling this in the best way possible. But what else can you do?
As for fans, forget the 24-hour rule. Bengals fans will be sick about this for a long time. They should be. Some may completely give up, thinking this team truly is cursed. For the record, I think it is cursed. The older I get, the more I believe in Karma. I'm just not sure who did what to whom in the Bengals organization to hack off the football Gods, but it happened. Too bad that can't be solved in 24 hours.

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  1. Good teams finish drives. Good teams don't leave the game wide-open in the final seconds. Good teams do the little things to ensure the victory when coming down the home stretch. I think the Bengals are a better team than what we saw on Sunday, however they do have some things to tweek. I still think this is a playoff team, and a team that will surprise many pundits. I think they will rise above this and recover well! The D looked solid, and the Offense will get in sync very soon. Look for the Bengals to come out Sunday in Green Bay with a HUGE chip on their shoulder looking to take out some aggression on a so-so Packer team. Remember one game doesn't define any team or any season.
    -Mike Freland