Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Six-burgh or Sick-burgh?

Reeeeeeeeal American Herooooooooes! Here's to you, Mr. Ate-up Pittsburgh Steelers fan. When the rest of America returns to work on Monday, you shower in one more warm can of IC light, just so you can pretend it's Sunday again! And when your team wins the big one, you don't silkscreen a tee-shirt, you silkscreen your Primanti Brothers-fed biceps!

Yep. That's exactly what you think it is. In honor of the NFL kicking off a new season in Pittsburgh, I thought I would allow a peak into the sick world of a Steelers fan. A former co-worker and friend of mine has added tattoos after the last two Steelers Super Bowl wins. He really is a good guy. He just happens to have this illness, or maybe perversion is more fitting. Last year he landed a sweet job in Pittsburgh so I don't have to see his Jerome Bettis or Hines Ward or Big Ben or Willie Parker or you-name-it-he-has-it jerseys every day. Or the Steelers-gold vehicle. Or his Steelers electric train that circles his Steelers Christmas tree decorated with Steelers ornaments. I'm not making this up. He would shave a few points off of his IQ just to say he has something in common with Terry Bradshaw! And those tattoos, oh those tattoos! But I do miss our bantor every day, and darnit, even a diehard, sick, perverted Steelers fan can make the world a better place. And yes, even qualify as a Real American Hero. Cheers Mikey!!!!

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