Thursday, September 24, 2009

Pittsburgh Burning?

This is what happens when your team loses eight straight games to the Reds. Cincinnati wrapped up a three-game sweep Thursday afternoon against the Pirates, and the outrage was immediate. Most news outlets are attributing this behavior to the G-20 economic summit commencing in Pittsburgh, but we know better. Pirates fans are mad as heck and they're,,, well,,, I guess they're acting like Steelers fans! Seriously, the Reds really have it together right now, going 21-10 since August 22. It may just be fool's gold, and it may be another reason for the front office to stand pat in the off-season. I'm not liking that. I am liking Bronson Arroyo, Homer Bailey, Joey Votto, (his stroke is back), Scott Rolen (he's healthy), and Brandon Phillips (avg. up to .280). I still don't think they have enough to win in 2010. The big question mark is the health of the pitchers. Harang has to come back strong in 2010 for the Reds to have any shot at all.

Back to Pittsurgh, I hope these are the players The Steelers plan on sending to Paul Brown Stadium on Sunday.

And Steelers fans, please behave yourselves. Knock off the bull in the stands and quit wanting to fight anyone that happens to stand up and cheer for the Bengals, or happens to yell "Who-Dey", or any other transgression that seems to set you people off. I know it's not just the Steelers fans every time, but each year it is the nastiest game in the stands with more trouble than any other event at PBS. And you, Steelers fan, are the common denominator. So welcome to town, have fun, and if you need it, call the jerk-line and security will take care of any issues you encounter.

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