Friday, September 4, 2009

Glad This Didn't Happen At The Bengals Game

I thought the Bengals looked good, but they should against the team the Colts threw out there. But the Bengals first team, second team, and beyond did a nice job, making hard decisions that much harder for the coaching staff. But as soon as I got home from the game and post-game radio coverage, I fired up some college football. Opening night, 16th ranked Oregon and 14th ranked Boise State. Boise wins 19-8, but after the game came some real fireworks. Boise defensive end Byron Hout hit Oregon tailback LeGarrette Blount on the shoulder pads and said something that must not have been nice. Blount responded with a right to the chin. Then Blount tried to go after a fan, no doubt the fan was being a clown. Two huge back to back no-no's by Blount. Anyway, I recorded the replays off the game coverage for a little late-night, early-morning entertainment. By the way, Blount's team not only lost, he was held to -5 yards rushing on 8 carries and was tossed for a safety. At least he can't lose yards while he's suspended.

I am so glad college football is back, and I'm fired up that Friday night is the last night of NFL preseason football. So the pros, the colleges, and the high schools are all playing for keeps.

I wish I could tell you who the Bengals are going to keep at running back, but I can't. Do they keep 1 fullback and 4 running backs? If they cut DeDe Dorsey he's gone. He'll get picked up by someone. But they can't cut Brian Leonard. I think if they cut Vakapuna or Pressley, I'm thinking they can get at least one of them back on the practice squad, and Leonard becomes an emergency fullback if Jeremi Johnson gets injured.

By the way, Dorsey's blocked punt came against Colts punter Pat McAffee. McAffee was the kicker for West Virginia last year and hit the 52 yard field goal against U.C. that sent last year's game into overtime and U.C. fans into cardiac arrest. McAffee had a big second half in that game with several booming punts. He and Kevin Huber went toe to toe in that one. Of course it was Huber's 'Cats coming out with the win in o.t.

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