Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I hope he means what he says and says what he means. During his news conference at PBS Tuesday, Larry Johnson seemed like a guy who has learned a lesson or two. But he could have been stronger in condemning some of his past transgressions. To lay some of it on Kansas City being a small market and that anything he says will be blown into "mythical proportions" is quite weak. I still think there were better options for the Bengals if they are that concerned about the Benson workload. I don't mind Leonard and Scott each getting 8 or so carries a game to take the load off Ced. But the Bengals are willing to gamble that LJ will recapture a part of his past on-field success while leaving behind his off-field troubles. If my team is having a playoff season, I let someone else take that gamble. I'm all for second chances, but I am not thrilled about the timing of this one.

U.C. fans hoping that some of the other undefeated teams lose down the home stretch of the regular season can forget about it happening to Texas this weekend. Kansas plays the Longhorns this Saturday night and it appears things are blowing up for Mangino and the Jayhawks.

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