Tuesday, November 24, 2009

College Hoops Capital Again

Wow! What a difference a week makes with Mick Cronin's crew. Last Monday night looked like the second half of the DePaul game last March in Madison Square Garden. This Monday night looked like a team that will be playing somewhere beyond Madison Square Garden next March. And that somewhere is the NCAA tournament. It's great to see the team look this good this early. If Ibrahima Thomas is as good as Mick says, adding him to the mix will make this team very dangerous. With Xavier, Kentucky, Dayton, Ohio State, Louisville, and U.C., (heck, throw in Butler too!)the tri-state area is challenging ACC country again. In fact, find me seven schools anywhere in the world that are clustered that close together and provide the kind of basketball we have in this area. I'm too tired to check on it, but I'll bet it doesn't exist. Man, I wish we could get them all together for a holiday tournament.

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