Thursday, November 19, 2009

Sorry Charlie

When an athletic director says a decision on a coach will come at the end of the season, that's not a good sign. At least not a good sign for the coach. Such is the predicament of Notre Dame football coach Charlie Weis. All signs, including a disappointing record, point to the demise of the Weis era in South Bend. So it's going to be a hectic month chasing Notre Dame rumors, which have already been swirling for a couple of weeks. Bob Stoops and Urban Meyer have already been the target of rumors in printed daily newspapers. The list of potential candidates on the Internet is in the twenties, with UC's Brian Kelly at, or near, the head of the pack. Here's a link to Kelly addressing the Notre Dame situation on the Dan Patrick Show Thursday. It's just a shade more than halfway through the clip. It might actually be some encouraging audio for U.C. fans worried about Kelly's departure. At least one internet blogger thinks Kelly should STAY at U.C. Here's a link to a blog written by former UConn defensive lineman Rob Lunn.

I understand why Zach Collaros appearing before a judge is something that needs to be reported, but let's hope it ends here and now. Trying to get into a bar with a fake id 6 months before your 21st birthday is somewhere in the bottom .01% of crimes committed in the city on a daily basis. But kids, please, do what the judge tells ya!

Even though I'm still not sold on the Larry Johnson signing, I'm very curious to see how he performs in a Bengals uniform. It's looking like we'll get a peak this weekend in Oakland. With a two-year contract signed back in March, Benson should not feel overly threatened by any of this. LJ will certainly be motivated since he's auditioning for a new contract and probably new team in 2010.

Xavier gets one more tuneup before playing a team that might make the Musketeers break a sweat. The X-Men play Sacred-Heart Saturday night at the Cintas Center. I didn't know much about Sacred Heart either, so here's a link to the Pioneers basketball page. Sacred Heart lost to Fordham the other night, snapping a 12-game losing streak for Fordham.

The tuneups are over for the U.C. basketball team, The Bearcats face Vanderbilt Monday evening at 5:30 p.m. in the Maui Invitational. The Commodores broke 90 in their first two games.

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