Monday, November 16, 2009

Larry Johnson? Really?

What an interesting move, the Bengals signing Larry Johnson for the stretch run. I'll tell you straight up that with the knowledge I have, I wouldn't do it. I don't know the guy, but his production of late doesn't merit taking any chances to upset a nice, serene, playoff-bound team. I wasn't against the Cedric Benson signing because Benson's track record wasn't nearly as troublesome. Plus Ced was/is much younger, he's not cruising around on legs that already have major NFL mileage on them. I'm aware of the expert analysis: Scouts were saying Johnson still has some mileage left, and the former NFL types on television saying Johnson still has it despite his 2.9 yards per carry this season. They all claim the Chiefs are terrible (true) and the KC offensive line is brutal. (they would know better than I) Then I see Jamaal Charles run for 103 yards behind that line Sunday in Oakland. So put me in the extremely skeptical category on this one. It's nice to see a bold move by the Bengals during a stretch run, but I'm convinced this bold move is not worth the effort.

The Larry Johnson ordeal overshadowed an excellent move by the Reds. Bringing back catcher Ramon Hernandez at a reduced rate is good news. The guy is a gamer, he's clutch, and he handles the pitchers well. He gives the Reds a legitimate big-league player at a critical position.

U.C. looked like a basketball team still finding its way. That's expected at this point in the season. These guys play year-round, so you wouldn't think they would have to knock the rust off. But playing together the way a coach wants you to play together is a little different than pickup games and summer leagues.

It's been debated, reviewed, and scrutinized more than Nicholas Cage's tax return, but I still am not convinced beyond a doubt that the Isiah Pead touchdown Friday night was legit. Based on what I saw on television, and based on the still-frames I've seen on the Internet, I could not have come to the same conclusion as the replay ref. The ref has the ability to freeze, slow, and turn the video inside out, but I'm pretty sure he has the same angles I saw on television. If that camera is not straight down the goal line, and I mean straight, not two feet one way or the other, it's just not conclusive enough to make the call. But being an old Bearcat and seeing how things have gone for UC teams over the last 40 years or more, maybe it's about time the 'Cats catch a break or two.

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